Do you have an apparel store? Let's discuss our partnership!

Do you like the style of Fetish? We are proud that during a little over a decade of operation, we managed to develop our own idiosyncratic style, which our faithful fans know and love.

If you have an apparel store and want to offer clothes by Fetish Style in your town - let's talk about it! We are always happy to form new partnerships. The only condition is that there be no Fetish Style partner in your town.

We create new fashionable models every week.

We use top quality materials.

We have control over each step of the production process.

Let's discuss the details

Did we manage to catch your attention? Take the opportunity to become part of our partner network. Contact us to discuss our potential partnership and answer all of your questions.

Take a look at the current list of our partners and contact us, if there is no Fetish Style partner in your town.