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When a customer submits an order, it is considered that he/she is aware of and agrees to these terms and conditions
Applicable legislation



Art. 1. The present general terms and conditions are intended to regulate the relations between Fetish Mag Ltd. BG 205576653, with seat and management address: Plovdiv, Rhodopi municipality, Anchov bunar locality No. 50 D, referred herein after as THE SUPPLIER, and the clients, referred herein after as THE USERS, of the platform for electronic trade Fetish-style.com , referred herein after as „Fetish-style.com ”.

Supplier’s data

Art. 2. Information according to the E-Commerce Law and the Consumer Protection Act:
1. Name of the supplier: Fetish Mag Ltd.
2. Seat and management address: Plovdiv, Rodopi municipality, Anchov bunar locality №50D
3. Trading and consumer complaints address: Plovdiv, Rhodopi municipality, Anchov bunar locality №50D
4. Contact details: online@fetish-style.com; tel: 0882659841
5. Supervisory bodies:

(1) Personal Data Protection Commission
Address: Sofia, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov 2 Street,
tel.: (02) 940 20 46
fax: (02) 940 36 40
Еmаіl: kzld@gоvеrnmеnt.bg, kzld@срdр.bg
web site:www.срdр.bg
(2) Consumer Protection Commission
Address: Sofia 1000, 4A Slaveikov Square, fl.3,4 and 6
tel.: 02 / 980 25 24
fax: 02 / 988 42 18
hotline: 0700 111 22
web site:www.kzр.bg

An online sales contract, concluded over the Internet, is a distance sale contract. The distance sales contract is concluded on the basis of a proposal made by Fetish-style.com (Supplier) to each user (Client) of the e-shop as part of the system for selling goods. The distance sales contract between Fetish-style.com and the consumer is deemed concluded at the moment the respective order was confirmed by Fetish-style.com.


For this purpose, it is sufficient to select the product, the quantity, to press the button and follow the steps the system leads you through.
You can adjust, add and remove products in/from the cart at any time. When you decide you need to finalize your order, you can select the "Complete Order" button.
You will then receive a confirmation letter of successfully accepted order. It is advisable to check what is written in it and if there is a problem you should email online@fetish-style.com
The products you add to the cart will stay there, until the quantity of the product runs out. We take care to remind you of the products you have added.
The ordered goods are delivered to the address given by the customer by means of a courier service provider.

Terms of delivery:

Delivery of goods ordered through the online store is by courier. On delivery, the consignee signs a delivery goods receipt, which certifies the exact completion of the order.

In case the consumer ordering goods from the Company does not reside or is not established in Bulgaria but in the territory of another State and wishes to receive the goods ordered by him/her in that other country, the same should take into account the following: the Company delivers goods only in Bulgaria and all European Union countries, as well as in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, so the latter can only deliver to an address in the territory of one of these countries, or the customer must arrange individually, and at his/her own expense, the trans-border supply of the goods. In the above cases, the consumer should contact Fetish-style.com’s dealership.
Shipment is made within the delivery times described under each delivery option in the cart. In exceptional circumstances the Company reserves the right to extend the delivery time for which the Consumer is informed in due time.
The goods are delivered to the recipients personally and upon signature; larger consignments (at the discretion of the delivery person) are delivered to the entrance of the building. When impossible or difficult to serve personally to the addressee, the consignments shall be served as follows:
• for business address - to a person working at the address, indicating the name of the person who received the shipment.
• for home address - to a household member, indicating the name of the person who received the shipment.

For Bulgaria:

To Speedy's office, within 2 (two) working days - 4,80 BGN.
To home or work address of the recipient, within 2 (two) working days - 6,50 BGN.

For Greece and Romania:

To the address of the recipient, within 2-4 (two to four) working days - 15 BGN.
Speedy National Phone:
For Landline Phones: 0 7001 7001
For mobile phones: 1 7001 7001
* Upon registration at Fetish-style.com, you will receive a shipment tracking number at your e-mail address, as well as news about promotions, discounts and new models.

For orders in Bulgaria - Postal money transfer, for Greece and Romania, the payment term is Cash on Delivery – cash or card payment upon delivery of the order by the courier or at the respective courier office.
• In order to keep the goods in proper commercial condition, we only offer the option "inspection", without test.
• Courier service includes delivery fee, cash on delivery, fuel charge, VAT and is payable at:
• Speedy office - BGN 4.80
• The recipient's address - BGN 6.50

For Poland, Croatia, Czech republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia:

Delivery via Speedy to the address of the recipient, within 4-5 (four to five) working days - 18 BGN. Orders for these countries can be paid via our virtual POS terminal.

For EU countries, USA and Canada:

Express delivery by DHL to the correct address - within 2 business days for EU countries and 5 business days for USA and Canada. Orders for these countries can be paid via our virtual POS terminal.
Delivery cost is reported in kilograms per order, following the table:

Kilograms EU USA and Canada
0,5 kg. 42.00 BGN 40.00 BGN
1,00 kg. 42.00 BGN 40.00 BGN
1,5 kg. 42.00 BGN 40.00 BGN
2,00 kg. 42.00BGN 40.00 BGN
2,5 kg. 50.00 BGN 53.00 BGN
3,00 kg. 58.00BGN 53.00 BGN
3,5 kg. 66.00 BGN 70.00 BGN
4,00 kg. 72.00 BGN 70.00 BGN

For the UK:

Delivery by DHL to the correct address - within 3 business days. Orders can be paid via our virtual POS terminal or by bank transfer.
Delivery cost is reported in kilograms per order, following the table:

Weight:          Price
2,00 kg 48.00 BGN
2,5 kg 56.00 BGN
3,00 kg 62.00 BGN
3,5 kg 70.00 BGN
4,00 kg 78.00 BGN

For Russia, Ukraine and Belarus:

Delivery via Bulgarian Posts for parcels up to 5 kilograms. Price for delivery: up to 2 kilograms - 36.00 BGN, up to 3 kilograms - 41.00 BGN, up to 5 kilograms - 49.00 BGN. Orders for these countries can be paid via our virtual POS terminal or by bank transfer.

Free of Charge Delivery Terms

Free of Charge delivery outside Bulgaria is not available!
For orders over 200 BGN within the territory of Bulgaria, the cost of delivery is borne by the sender, ie. from us to an appointed by you office of Speedy. If for an order over 200 BGN, delivered free of charge, you wish to make a replacement or return several or all ordered items, the cost of delivery is at the expense of the sender, ie. at your expense. If you wish to return the entire order, the delivery to us will be at your expense and the amount of your initial delivery will be deducted from the value of your order. If you return part of the order or the entire order, the delivery amount will be charged!
Order processing time* is 2 days after order confirmation.
Orders received before 14.00 o’clock on working days, excluding Friday, will be delivered on the next day. Orders received after 14.00 o’clock on working days will be delivered on the day after the following day. Orders received on Friday after 14.00 o’clock, Saturday and Sunday are processed on Monday.

Order price

The final price of the order is calculated as the sum of the prices of the products ordered. All prices are VAT inclusive and are not subject to change from the time of ordering until the moment of payment. A shipping price is also added to the order price.

Problems with order execution

When consignment’s delivery is impossible, not by the fault of the Company or the courier, the person making the delivery shall call the contact phone number given by the Client in order to specify from which courier's office the Client may receive the order. After two unsuccessful attempts for delivery made by the courier company, your order will be considered invalid and Fetish-style.com will terminate its contract with you. We reserve the right not to send orders to customers who have been registered in our system with more than two unsuccessful orders within one month.


1. Cash on Delivery /payment is made to the courier/.
2. Postal money transfer.
Orders are received at e-mail: online@fetish-style.com
3.Card payments at VPOS.

Returns and replacements:

- According to the Customer Protection Act, you have the right to return or exchange the purchased products within 14 days from the date of receipt, provided that they are in the same commercial condition that they were received in, i.e. with preserved labels and packaging, not being used, washed or ironed.
-In order to return a purchased item it is necessary to fill in the Return Form of the product accompanying your order and to send to us the Form and the item with the courier company Speedy.

* Refund procedure:
- In the Return Form accompanying the purchased product, fill in: refund amount, bank account holder names, bank account IBAN number.
- Return the product with Speedy to the address indicated on the Product Return Form.
Returned items are processed within three business days of their receipt by us. Payment shall be refunded only by bank transfer, within five (5) business days after receipt of the returned product, provided that it meets the specified conditions for return and exchange. If the replaced product is at a lower price than initially paid, we shall refund you the difference by bank transfer. If it is at a higher price, then you shall pay the difference upon receiving the replaced product. Cash on delivery is not applicable for refunds!

Disputes and claims

In cases of unsettled issues, the client has the right to address the disputed issues to an associate of ours at the given correspondence address.

Other terms and conditions

- The users of the site are not allowed to perform actions that violate the generally established rules of conversation and communication, to perform malicious acts, such as spreading viruses and other similar actions, which are violating or damaging the rights or interests of third parties.
- Personal identification information, e-mail, orders and messages sent to this site are considered confidential.

Please bear in mind that you cannot use the goods received by you before deciding to cancel the purchase. The cancellation right exists to allow you to view the products in the same manner as in any store and not to use the products free of charge for 14 days.


Newsletter - a tool for periodical notification about the goods, discounts and promotions offered by Fetish Mag Ltd., sent electronically by e-mail, which does not require purchase or any other action by the Client. At any time the Client has the opportunity to subscribe the list of users wishing to receive the Newsletter. The consent to receive the Newsletter can always be withdrawn. The client may express the wish to unsubscribe from the Newsletter on the e-mail address marked in each Newsletter.
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